An overview of our most frequently asked questions

About Assessments

An online assessment consists of a combination of questionnaires and tests for intellectual abilities. The system generates an optimal assessment based on a work profile that you define in the system, based on roles and competencies. Top experts from the Netherlands and Germany have contributed to this part of the system.

There are several tests that can be subdivided as follows:
Capacity tests - to determine skills such as learning speed, logical reasoning or seeing coherence
Personality measurements - to determine characteristics such as willingness to cooperate, ambition or sensitivity
Motivation measurement - to find out where a person's intrinsic motivation comes from
Knowledge tests - to determine specific professional knowledge such as a language test or mechanical reasoning

A computer with internet access and an up to date browser. Sometimes a calculator, pen and paper, this will be clearly indicated before the test starts. Quiet place and time without disturbance. Best is to be well-rested before starting.

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to do a practice test on our website. We can help you prepare with information, tips and video's on this site.

The length is different per assessment and depends on the components. In the invitation for the assessment, the total time will be indicated. Average test time is around 15 minutes per component, this is mentioned before the start of each specific test.

Between individual tests it is possible to take a break, even to spread it over several days, just be aware of a deadline when the people that invited you would like to receive the data.

Test results as well as some personal data will be saved on a secured server. No company is allowed – without an explicit agreement of the candidate – to use the data for any other reason than for the application procedure. A candidate can, of course, at any time, ask the company in question to delete his/her data.

Behind the technology

The composition of an online test program for a specific job or request takes place automatically. Moreover, the translation of the test and questionnaire scores into scores on competency profiles has been automated.

Top experts from the Netherlands and Germany have contributed to this part of the system and it is continuously optimised.

Statistical data show that on average people score lower at home. The chance that people are interrupted at home or do not take the test sufficiently serious, appears greater than the chance that people cheat. Moreover, the system allows you to retake a test without a detrimental effect or extra costs. This makes it possible to allow a candidate to retake one or more tests in a controlled environment.

It is very important to emphasize that candidates have to make sure that they are not interrupted during the tests and that they select a moment when they are sufficiently rested so that they can perform as well as possible.

No, this is not necessary. HRorganizer.com is a 100% web-based service. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection to use the system.


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About the system

HRorganizer.com is user friendly. For additional support, there are tutorial videos and documents available in the system. During office hours you can contact our helpdesk at +31 (0)317 460 465 or send a mail to helpdesk@hrorganizer.com

Yes, that is possible. HRorganizer.com contains a collection of competencies to which the processes and instruments are linked. The terms in this dictionary can be used to imitate your own competency language. You'll then see your 'own' competency language.

No. General job descriptions rarely cover the position details accurately. Each organization can easily enter their own descriptions.