Frequently Asked Questions

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As a system user, you will receive a login from the system coordinator. As a candidate for an assessment, you will receive an email with a link to your assessment.
On the login screen, there is an option “forgot access code. Follow the steps to create a new access code. Be sure to enter the correct e-mail address when doing so. That is the email address you already have access to the system.

Candidate Support

An error message during an assessment can be inconvenient. To do so, contact the HRorganizer help desk by calling 0317 46 04 65 or email We usually ask you to also email us a print screen of the current screen (with error message). That way we can see exactly what’s going on, fix the error message, and get your candidate back to work as soon as possible.

Should the Internet connection go down, it is important that the candidate does not close his window or close the laptop. This applies in case he is in the middle of a test item or when the results are sent. Your candidate should wait until the Internet connection is restored. This will also help you determine whether it is a connection problem or a bug in the system.

Yes. You have the opportunity to retake one test item from the assessment program. The highest score ultimately counts, and so that is the score your potential employer will see.

During the introduction, your candidate will learn how to navigate through the test. Here it is not yet important what the question is, but it becomes clear which button is for what. If a candidate gets stuck in the introduction, he should read carefully what to do. He should follow the instructions exactly. You can also guide the candidate through the introduction. Can’t your candidate continue after this? Then call 0317 46 04 65 or email

Once you have started a part, you cannot break it off in between. Usually a test takes no longer than 15 minutes. Often an assessment includes several test items. You can pause between test items or even complete them on another day. Please note the deadline. The time required to complete all test items is not monitored and has no effect on the result.

You may not be able to take the assessment before the completion date. Your best bet is to contact the organization that invited you to the assessment. You could technically finish the assessment after the elapsed completion date.

No, it is unfortunately not possible to practice an assessment. The following page allows candidates to prepare for an assessment, through videos and information documents: Should your candidate still want to practice, there are several websites that offer practice tests. These practice tests differ from the HRorganizer assessment.

Most test items are time-based. If you stop in the middle of a timed test item, your answers will not be saved. The answers are saved after each completed test item.

In 360-degree feedback, the answers to the statements are stored in the interim as long as there is an Internet connection.

With the Navigator, answers are saved in the interim as long as there is an Internet connection.

During an assessment, your candidate cannot change the answers.

System Settings

You can change the candidate’s email address only if the candidate has not yet started. You do this by going to “Select. Then click on the assessment program. Then you will see the overview of the participants. Here you can click on the candidate for whom you want to change the email address. Then click on “Information. Here you can change the email address. Remember to resend the assessment program. This eliminates the old link to the assessment.

No, that’s not necessary. is a 100% web-based service. Your candidate only needs a functioning Internet connection.

Before the assessment program can be generated, you need to choose a job from the job library. To do so, go to ‘Work’ and then click on ‘New job profile’ and ‘Create’. You will now be directed to the function library. You can search for jobs in two ways:

  1. You type in the job title, in the job library search bar. Also consider synonyms, for example: account manager or representative
  2. Filter by profession or role in the left column.

After you choose the job, adjust the underlying roles and competencies, if necessary.

The level of the assessment is primarily determined by the content of the job, from operational work (low complexity) to expert work (high complexity). Subsequently, a further distinction is made based on the rThe level of the assessment is primarily determined by the content of the job, from operational work (low complexity) to expert work (high complexity). Subsequently, a further distinction is made based on the required knowledge and skills, the responsibilities associated with this position, and an associated level of education. The latter is divided into EQF levels according to the European qualification system.

To give value to the candidates’ results, they are compared to a reference group, called the norm group. HRorganizer uses low, medium and high complexity norm groups for test and competency scores. Eight norm groups, the eqf levels, are used for the profile score.

The candidate can take the assessment in their native language. The candidate can set the language by clicking ‘Start’ in the invitation email. Then in step 3 “Program” he is given the option to set the language for each test item.

A system coordinator (or HRorganizer coordinator) can assign roles and permissions to system users.

HRorganizer coordinator:
The HRorganizer coordinator can set up and monitor the system, the main tasks are:
– Allow or deny others access to the system
– Structure (sub) organizations, etc.
– modifying the naming of competencies
– Giving others access to job profiles
– print management reports
– ordering stock, monitoring costs, verifying invoices

HR expert:
The HR expert is authorized to:
– personal data
– job profiles
– assessment for selection
– the development tools (Talent Scans, Personal Leadership Survey, Career Counseling, 360 Degree Feedback)
– Create, deploy and adapt assessment cycles

HR professional:
The HR professional is qualified to:
– view personal data
– deploy assessments and development tools
– downloadable reports
The HR professional has no authority to disclose personal data, job profiles or
adapt assessments.

The manager has access to his or her employees’ data and processes and is authorized herein to:
– customize job profiles
– 360 Degree Feedback and Talent Scans to be deployed
– create, deploy and adapt assessment cycles.

The employee is authorized to view their own data, such as:
– development tools (360 Degree Feedback, Personal Leadership Survey, I-Talent Scan, Development Assessment)
– Assessment cycle: preparation documents requested and released,
Read and sign interview reports.

People without roles:
People without roles (candidates or respondents) are given temporary access to part of the system by invitation only to, for example:
– complete their assessment program
– give feedback
– own data to view development assessments.

If you want to start inviting a candidate to the assessment, the standard completion date is 1 week. You easily adjust these yourself. Three days before the completion date, the system (in case of an incomplete assessment) automatically sends a reminder to the candidate.

The assessment program is composed automatically, based on the job profile you set. Then you can send the assessment program to your candidate or candidates, from the system. You can use the default email template. The candidate will receive an email with a link to the assessment.

Assessments and surveys

Yes. You can create your own questionnaires. That means you can create your own questions with answer options as you see fit, with or without an explanation option. You can also decide the topic of the MTO. You can also use our 150 sample questions and modify them as you wish.

HRorganizer offers different types of tests:

  • Ability tests: to determine skills such as learning speed, logical reasoning or seeing coherence
  • Personality measurements: to determine traits such as willingness to cooperate, ambition or sensitivity
  • Drive measurement: to find out where a person’s intrinsic motivation comes from
  • Knowledge tests: to determine specific subject knowledge such as a language test or mechanical reasoning

Want to know which tests can be used in an HRorganizer assessment? Then visit the test library.

Yes, you can. The system includes a collection of competencies. Attached to this are processes and HR tools. The terms in this dictionary are used to mimic one’s own competency language. You then see your “own” competency language.

Online assessments include a combination of various ability tests and/or personality questionnaires. The combination of tests and questionnaires is determined by the roles and competencies needed for the job being applied for.

There is no standard answer to this question. The duration of an assessment depends on the number of test items in the assessment. In most assessment programs are 5 test items. On average, each test item lasts 15 minutes. The invitation sometimes indicates how much time a candidate should set aside to complete the assessment.

In the system, you can use 4733 pre-filled job profiles. This means that key roles and competencies are already automatically linked to a specific job profile. The job profiles are also categorized under the filters: professional group and role. You can modify the roles and competencies from the selected job profile, if necessary.

Reports and results

A competency score is composed of several components taken from different test items in the assessment. These are personality tests, a work interest and motivation questionnaire and ability tests. Thus, the results on these tests and questionnaires contribute to the competency score. Each component thereby has its own weighting factor.

Do you doubt that your candidate really took the assessment themselves? Then invite the candidate to take the assessment on site in a controlled environment. You can also ask the candidate during the interview to take part of the assessment again. From this it will become clear whether the candidate took the test himself.

Selecting the most suitable candidate can be a challenge at times. An assessment makes it easy to make an objective selection decision. To make it even easier on yourself, we have introduced the Ranking Report. In this report you will find an objective ranking of all your candidates. This allows you to see at a glance who best fits the job, based on competencies, personality traits, work interests and motives.

Click first on “Select,” then on the assessment program, then on the participant’s name. After this, click on “Reports. Here you can download the desired report in Word or PDF. If there is still a euro sign next to the report, the report was downloaded even earlier. When you click on the report, consumption charges are calculated. Reports without the euro sign can be downloaded for free.

Yes. You can easily see how far along a participant is in the assessment program. To do this, you need to log into the system. Go to “Select” and click on the assessment program. Next, you will see the overview of your participants. Click on a participant. For each test item, you now have insight into the status. Here you can see if someone has already started and if a test item has already been completed. If you click on “History,” you can see the activities in real time.

You can choose to send the Personal Report directly to your candidate after the assessment is completed. This is not a standard feature.

We offer several reports for Selection and Development. You can download a report from as little as €50,-. The cost of a report depends on the type of license and the type of consumption. You can additionally take advantage of combination benefits. For example: if you downloaded the Personal Report, you can download the Test Score Report for free. Want more information about the rates of all reports and tools? Then request the price list on this page:

Demo and trial

In the demo, one of our product specialists will take you more through the platform. We look at your needs and how we can best help you in this regard. During the demo, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions. After the demo, you can try our platform for 30 days with no obligation.

The demo is online via video call with Google Meet, for example. We’ll schedule a date at your convenience. For the demo, we are using Google Meet. Do you prefer to use a different technology? Then this is not a problem for us.

It is not a problem if colleagues want to join. If you let us know, we will make sure the colleague gets an invitation as well.

Technically, you can certainly start the trial right away. Still, we always recommend you make an appointment for a demo first. The demo lasts 30 minutes at most. The demo is in person and online. During a demo, our product advisor can advise you on your current HR issue. For example, if you are not yet sure about the right HR tool. This can lead to new insights for your organization. Then you can go through trial more purposefully.

You can use the system for free for 30 days, regardless of your login frequency. You may have been able to make a decision before the end of the trial, for example, because your Work-related interests are in a smaller part of the system (e.g., an MTO).

Yes. If you start a license within the 30-day trial, we transfer all your data to a customer environment.

Invoices and payments

Invoices are emailed quarterly to the address provided. If you would like to receive a specific invoice again, please contact

Yes. You can view your usage costs by logging into the system. You click on the symbol with 9 squares. Then click on Usage Overview. Here you can see the following:

  • the credit;
  • the amounts billed each quarter;
  • license fees;
  • and the cost of the downloaded reports.

Privacy and security

Most importantly, the candidate’s data remain. An organization applying for a job may never, without express permission, use data for reasons other than the application process. The organization itself is responsible for the data. Candidates may petition the organization to have data deleted.

The licensee owns the personal data that enters the system. HRorganizer operates fully within current AVG legislation. The test results are stored securely. The software provides the ability to request permission to use the participant’s results. The software also provides the ability to delete participant data from the system’s database at fixed intervals. We will assist you in setting up the various options in your client environment.


Statistical data show that home assessment participants score lower on average. At home, the participant is more likely to be disturbed or not take the test seriously enough. Therefore, it is important to reiterate that well your candidates are well rested and cannot be disturbed. It is also more likely to be fraudulent. Do you suspect bias? Then, with no ill effects, it is best to have the candidate take the assessment again, but on location.

Compiling an assessment program to a specific job or question is done automatically. The translation of results into competency scores is also automated.

Top experts from the Netherlands and Germany contributed to this development. The expert system is continuously being further optimized. So you could argue that you don’t need a test psychologist because the system has an expert algorithm.

The contract of honesty is a digital statement by the candidate. With this he declares:

-that the candidate will take the assessment independently, without help from others;

-this gives the candidate permission to share the results with the organization that invited him.

With an assessment, it is difficult to determine certain skills, such as: the ability to communicate orally or work manually. These areas can be identified through interviews or role plays.

Test results from an HRorganizer assessment are valid and reliable for 2 years (advisory). Yet, there are also organizations that use a 1-year validity period.

Both people and jobs change over time, which is partly why a report is only valid for a limited time.

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