Aptitude test overview

The instruments are combined to optimal assessment programs through a job profile which is easy to create. Optimal means: a reliable assessment which covers the criteria to be measured and is as little stressful as possible for the candidate. Questionnaires measure behaviours, interests and motivations. Tests measure specific qualities. Some of the tests contribute to the measurement of the general intellectual level.

Additional all kinds of tests can be unlocked, for example tests for language skills (available for multiple languages), concentration, reaction speed, working memory, etc. In addition it is also possible to build instruments from others in HRorganizer.com.

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All online quality characteristic instruments (shapes family, views) are adaptive computerized questionnaires, that means – based on the answers given – deviation from the standard linear order. They measure individual values, motives and interests. The questionnaires are based on the adalloc measurement technology developed by Cut-e GmbH. This technology allows it to get highly differentiated profiles of personal values, motives and interests within very short test administration and time periods.
All questionnaires are available in major European languages, additional we can unlock more than forty languages. So you test your candidate or employee in French, German, English or Turkish, for example.

You can measure the following aspects:

  • Work-related behaviour / Shapes
  • the likelihood of counterproductive work-related behavior
  • (Work-related) values, motives and Work-related interests

Capacity tests

(Cognitive) Ability tests help you understand your candidate’s ability. This is how you measure the ability to learn, apply new knowledge and solve problems.

Our ability tests are available in nearly 40 languages. This way, your candidates will take the assessment in their native language. Think Polish, Swedish, French, or Arabic, for example.

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Inductive logical thinking
  • Deductive logical thinking
  • Numeracy
  • Short-term memory
  • Information handling
  • Multitasking capability
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Language Skills
  • Applied numeracy

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