Competency management software

Everything you need to select, analyze and develop competencies

  • Make talent and work behavior visible
  • Test on the same set of competencies from selection to development
  • Visualize the talent gap within your organization
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Strategic competency management

Identify talent gaps

Gain insight into the strengths and development opportunities of your employees.

Develop competencies

Give your employees the tools to work on their development.

Total Solution

Complete competency management in one platform

Select the right competencies

Avoid bad-hires and predict job performance. With our assessments, selecting the best candidate is a piece of cake. Select objectively for the right competencies and skills.

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Understanding the competencies of your current employees

Do you know what competencies your current employees have? With our software, you know which competencies you already have and which ones are still missing.

Development based on competencies

Plot the perfect growth path. Understanding talents allows employees to develop. They not only gain insight into their current talents. But also helpful tips for getting started with development.

Development tips are given by competency. This gives your employee all the tools to get started right away.

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Monitoring development

Our software makes it easy to send periodic assessments. That way you know objectively whether employees are still on the right growth path.

Or deploy a 360-degree feedback process. This one provides insight from multiple perspectives. Such as colleagues, supervisors or customers.

Why organizations love choosing us

Valid and reliable

The ability tests and questionnaires from our test provider AON are used 30 million times a year in 90 countries in 40 languages

Free demo and trial

It is completely non-committal. Find the right HR solution for your organization thanks to our comprehensive demonstration and trial period.

Personal and involved

We take the time for you, are happy to think with you and offer support if you can’t figure it out yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our competency assessments offer an honest and objective view of candidates. This is based on competencies, personality, work interests and motives.

The assessments may consist of several components. Examples include:

Capacity tests

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Inductive logical thinking
  • Deductive logical thinking
  • Numeracy
  • Short-term memory
  • Information handling
  • Multitasking capability
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Language Skills
  • Applied numeracy

Personality questionnaires

  • Work-related behavior
  • Work-related interests
  • Work-related motives

Sending our online assessment is so easy:

  • You choose a position or create your own job profile
  • You invite the candidate to the online assessment
  • You analyze the results using the reports

It depends on the job profile and level. On average, a test takes about 10 minutes. An assessment usually includes 4 to 5 tests.

Our online assessments are available in more than 40 languages. Schedule your demo, and we can tell you more.

The cost of the assessment depends on the report. The basic report is available starting at €103,40 per candidate.

Check out our pricing page.

Over 100 organizations already work with our assessments

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