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Select the perfect candidate easily and swiftly

Avoid bad-hires and predict job performance. Our selection assessments make selecting the most suitable candidate easily. A complete picture of personality and competencies.

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In the language of your candidate

With a wide range of languages, your candidate can take the test in his or her own language.

Improve the candidate experience

Language selection, retakes, break opportunities and short questionnaires.

Reduce the chances of a 'bad hire'

Valid assessments support your knowledge with reliable data.

Results from our users

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Better predicting job performance

Support your knowledge with objective data. With our software, you objectively assess candidates on their competencies, motives and personality.

This is how you start the interview with suitable candidates.

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See talents that your competition overlooks

The talent pool is too small for the number of vacancies. Therefore, it is time to look broader than a resume and experience. An assessment perfectly complements your knowledge and experience.

Does the candidate fit within your organization?

Through our assessments you not only measure cognitive ability but also personality. That’s how you know if someone fits within your organization.

Check out our various tests:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Inductive logical thinking
  • Deductive logical thinking
  • Numeracy
  • Short-term memory
  • Information handling
  • Multitasking capability
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Language skills
  • Applied numeracy
  • Work-related behaviour
  • Situational work-related behaviour
  • Work-related interests and motives

What do candidates think of our assessments?

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“What I especially like is the break you can take after completing each section. Because you get to choose your own pace, you go into the tests fresher and calmer.”

Rather deploy a one-time assessment?

HRorganizer Go is our webshop. Created specifically for smaller organizations that want to use a one-time assessment. Or to give a selection assessment a try.

With Go, you send an assessment to your candidate within 5 minutes.

Pay easily by credit card or iDEAL.

Steps to pick the right applicant by using an online assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the candidate will receive their own report. In it are insights into personality and ability.

A selection assessment can be as little as 112.50 euros per candidate. Click here for the complete price list.

Yes, the tests are available in multiple languages. Your candidate sets the language themselves.

We understand that some organizations have a need to use one-time assessments for their selection. That’s why we created HRorganizer Go

Over 100 organizations already work with our assessments

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