360-Degree Feedback Tool

The talent development and performance management tool

Looking for a 360 feedback tool for insight into talents and development opportunities? 360 feedback has proven to improve the match between employee, team and organization.

  • The basis for professional & personal growth
  • Feedback based on work-related competencies
  • Ready-made feedback questionnaires
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Why 360-Degree Feedback software with HRorganizer?


Our tool has > 50 features to meet all your requirements.

For all types of organizations

We have experience with small organizations to organizations with more than 20,000 employees.

The complete picture

Total understanding through 360-degree feedback combined with validated questionnaires.

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Relevant feedback

Feedback based on competencies

You want feedback on that which the employee owns, or competencies, of course. Our software automatically links competencies to jobs. So you get feedback focused on what matters.

Fast start

Ready-made questions

Our 360-Degree Feedback Tool automatically chooses questions that fit your chosen position. Still want to add or remove questions? No problem, we’ll take care of this!

This way, you and your employees quickly start getting valuable feedback.

360-Degree Feedback Specifications

What can our tool do?

With more than 50 features, our tool meets your needs. Curious? See the total overview.
Is your requirement still not among them? If so, please get in touch and we’ll work it out together.

The complete picture

Combine feedback with validated questionnaires

Add a validated personality questionnaire or career counseling to a 360 degree feedback program.

This will give you and your employee an even more rounded picture.

Data visualization with Power BI

Your data easily presented

Besides the usual reporting, we visualize your 360 degree feedback data with Power BI. Entirely in your own house style.

This way, you can easily visualize complex data. For example, easily compare data per team or department.

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Practical applications

Personal development

Measuring performance

Coaching and training


Understanding training needs

View the 360-Degree Feedback sample reports

The report provides insight into strengths and development opportunities. With the development tips provided, your employee will have everything they need to get started on their development.

Wondering what the reports look like? We would be happy to send you the sample reports.

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Getting started with a 360-Degree Feedback tool?

Book an online demo, at your convenience.

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