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With HRorganizer Go, you identify the best employee for your vacancy. With our pre-employment assessments, you test your applicants quickly and fairly.

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Match vacancy and applicant

Our smart software tests applicants for personality, motives, competencies, and skills.Whether you are looking for a telephonist, marketer, account manager, or Chief Executive, you can choose from around 4,700 positions. This enables you to perfectly match the candidate with the job and level.

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Hire bias-free

Our pre-employment assessments give each applicant an individual score and automatically rank applicants. This ranking objectively indicates which candidate best fits the vacancy. Our assessments allow you to make the best choice bias-free.

Deze ranking geeft objectief weer welke kandidaat het best bij de vacature past. Hiermee kun je bias-free de beste keuze maken.

Suggestions for additional interview questions ensure that the human aspect is not forgotten.

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What makes HRorganizer Go unique?

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Select the best scoring candidates. Fully specified on your vacancy. The candidate can take the assessment online.

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Stop wasting time on CVs, letters, and unnecessary conversations. Setting an assessment and inviting candidates is done in no time.

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Each candidate takes the same tests. You select objectively by means of individual scores.

This is how our assessments work

Clear, I’d also like to use pre-employment assessments for superior hiring.

Find the best match

Our pre-employment assessments test applicants for their match with one of the approximately 4,700 positions in our system. Our selection assessments give you a fair description of your applicants or employees for this position. In this way, you identify the best match between candidate and position.

Would you also like to select better, faster, and fairer?

More than 60,000 applicants have already been tested. Start today!

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