Development Assessment

Make development potential visible

Gain insight into talents, development opportunities and personality traits of your employees.

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Why should you use a development assessment?

Employee retention

If your organization is not providing opportunities for employee development, they will likely seek it elsewhere.

Encourage internal mobility

Is your employee feeling unfulfilled in their current role? Don’t let their talents go to waste. Help them explore new opportunities within your organization.

Increase in productivity

Unlock the full potential of your team with a personalised development assessment.

Employee development based on competencies

Our development assessments are competency-based. The software automatically matches competencies and personality traits to the job. This gives your employee insight into talents and development opportunities that matters most.

“At the beginning of this year, I did development interviews the old way. Actually, now I have redone those interviews using assessments and notice that they have much more depth.”

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Employees can start their development right away

Not only do your employees get insight into their development opportunities. They also get useful tips on how to get started.

The development tips are given per competency. This gives your employee the tools to start right away.

Link results to your portal

Do you have interventions, training or job opportunities you would like to offer? With HRorganizer, you link results to your development offerings.

For example, is an employee out of place? Then easily offer internal job openings.

Working on development in 3 steps with a development assessments

Offer employees new personal insights and information about work preferences or development opportunities.

1. Select a job profile

Simply choose your job profile from our job library. This consists of about 4,700 jobs. Or compose your own job profile based on competencies.


2. Invite your employees

Your employee can take the assessment at a time and place convenient to them. Our assessments are completely digital.


3. Analyze results

In a comprehensive report, you will immediately see talents, development opportunities and development tips. Together with your employee, you determine the appropriate next steps.

Why organizations love working with us

Valid and reliable

The ability tests and questionnaires from our test provider AON are used 30 million times a year in 90 countries in 40 languages.

Free demo and trial

It is completely non-committal. Find the right HR solution for your organization thanks to our comprehensive demonstration and a trial period.

Personal and involved

We take the time for you, are happy to think with you and offer support if you can’t figure it out yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a development assessment?

A development assessment provides insight into your employee’s development potential. That way you can see exactly what talents the employee already has for the job and what still needs to be developed. The development assessment consists of several personality and ability tests.

Why a development assessment?

You use a development assessment to offer your employees more targeted development opportunities. From the results, you can see exactly where there are still areas for development. So you can tailor your development offerings to your employee’s needs.

Most employees need development opportunities. Can your organization not provide them? If so, this will make it more likely to switch.

As employees develop, they engage more actively in the organization.
They see more opportunities to succeed. That optimism translates into greater engagement.

What does a development assessment look like?

A development assessment consists of several personality questionnaires and ability tests. The development assessment is based on competencies from the job in question. So not every development assessment is the same.

The results from the development assessment also include development tips for the employee. This allows the employee to get started right away with the results of the assessment.

What does a development assessment cost?

You can deploy a development assessment from as little as €82.50 per candidate, excluding license fees.

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