Why HRorganizer?

Through our assessments, you only spend time on the most suitable candidates and avoid bad-hires.
That way you have more time for your employees.

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What are the benefits of HRorganizer?

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Trial Period

We understand that you can’t make the best choice until you’ve had a chance to try something. Therefore, you may try out our platform. Completely free and without obligation.

In a live demo, we are happy to walk you through the platform. This way we can briefly explain to you how it works.

If you request a demo, we will schedule a brief introductory meeting. During this introduction, we will schedule the demo. The demo will take place online.

Comprehensive results

Our assessments help you choose the most suitable candidates. You select with it based on competencies, talents and personality. The reports provide comprehensive results:

  • The profile score, which summarizes scores into a single number
  • DNA reflects how a candidate is put together
  • Ranking lists the best scoring candidates
  • A score is indicated for each competency
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Job profiles: from selection to outflow

Our tools fit together seamlessly. They use job profiles that you set for your organization. This allows you to track exactly how employees develop, from selection to attrition. The job profiles:

  • Can be completely customized to your own needs
  • Can you also choose from our ready-made library
  • Enable you to keep up with professional development

Custom HR organizer

HRorganizer provides customization so that the platform and look and feel fits your exact needs. This allows you to select and develop employees more efficiently. Our team will help you:

  • Link HRorganizer to your own applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Create your reports in your own design
  • Setting up the system to suit your needs
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Validated professional assessments

Through our partnership with AON, we use only the best assessments. Annually, these assessments are used over 30 million times in 90 countries.

Fair for all ages

Our assessments are fair for all ages. In assessments by other parties, older candidates are more likely to perform less well. This is because they have no age standardization.

Retakes possible

Each candidate has the opportunity to retake one section. For various reasons, a candidate may not have made a section as well. For example, because he is distracted. With a retake option, you make your assessment more reliable.

Prevent fraud

Our assessments indicate how consistently they are completed. Inconsistency may be an indication of not filling in fairly. And while you can’t completely prevent it, you can track it with us.

With our contract of honesty, you can additionally have candidates indicate whether they completed it honestly. This provides additional security.

Questions? Then we are at your service.

We think customer service is hugely important. That’s why we’re always here for you. We:

  • Always speak to you personally
  • Help you immediately in case of unexpected problems
  • Always give a free no-obligation demo to see if we are a good fit for each other

Would you like to try HRorganizer for free?

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