Superior hiring in 3 steps

HRorganizer Go uses the best tests, gives an objective result and is easy to use. This way, you select the best applicant better, faster, and fairly.

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Step 1.

Easy to set up

Order online

With HRorganizer Go it’s effortless to buy your assessments online. You can send them to applicants within 3 minutes— all without a subscription.

Ready-to-use function library

Choose one of more than 1,000 functions. Are you looking for a telephonist, marketer, account manager, or Chief Executive? They are all included.

For every level

You can set the level of the HRorganizer Go assessment. From work at an operational level to specialist work.

The ultimate assessment

Different questionnaires and tests are selected based on function and level. Depending on the selected position, we measure personality, motives, competencies, and skills, among other things.

samenstelling assessment

Step 2.

Extraordinary candidate experience

Sending invitations

Via HRorganizer Go, you can invite participants quickly and easily. If they don’t complete the assessment, our system automatically sends them a reminder.

Determine where and when

The assessments are entirely digital, which means that the candidate can take the test in his own time and a place of his choice. This way, the participant gets a fair chance to achieve an optimal result.

A second chance

Each participant is allowed to retake one of the components. This reduces the chance that the applicant will receive a lower score—for example, because the applicant was distracted during the test.

Step 3.

A clear result

Individual score and additional interview questions

Our software creates an extensive report for each participant. One report is generated for the participant and one for you, the employer.

This report contains the scores for competencies and additional questions for the job interview that can lead to further insights. Besides, the report provides a final score for the position.

In this way, you can perfectly combine objective results with the in-person interview. After all, the interview is an essential component of the job application process.

Automatic ranking of all candidates

In addition to the individual report, our smart software automatically gives a ranking using profile scores. The profile score is a percentage indicating how well an applicant scored.

This way, you can immediately see which applicant scored the best. An average employee has a score of 50%.

Users also appreciate...

40+ languages

Our tests are available in more than 40 languages.


All data is stored securely and GDPR-proof.

Intuitive interface

User-friendly platform to set up assessments quickly and easily.


All tests can be taken on a smartphone.

Candidate experience

Applicants appreciate a fair selection process.

Would you also like to select better, faster, and fairer?

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