About us

HRorganizer offers a software platform with different HR assessment tools for selection, development and performance.

We help HR professionals and recruiters select the perfect match for their organisation. In addition, our software is extremely suitable for gaining insight into the performance and development of employees, managers, teams and organizations.

HRorganizer is a flat organization with committed employees, based in Wageningen (The Netherlands). Curious about the team?

Our ambitions

Our goal is to help organisations become more successful in selecting the best candidates and use the talent of existing employees optimally. We strive to enable everyone to realise their ambitions. From employee to managers. Mutual cooperation is key to this, as well as providing relevant information in an easily accessible manner. In short, to really provide insight into the performances.



Guaranteeing continuity at senior staff level
To guarantee the continuity of staff at senior level, the Netherlands’ most well-known dairy cooperative has opted for HRorganizer.com. The multilingualism of HRorganizer.com means that this approach can also be rolled out internationally.

Zorg aan Zet

Performance cycles and management information

The demand for good staff in the Care and Welfare sector continues to grow. Due to the growing number of applicants for education and the wide variety of candidates, it is increasingly difficult to employ the right people. In Limburg a number of institutions in the field of care formed the foundation Zorg aan Zet in order to organize the recruitment together and reduce early drop out. The assessment tool HRorganizer plays an important role.

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