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Why HRorganizer?

For recruitment

 identify top talent

 optimal customer journey

 uniformity in job interviews

 the right person in the right place


For employees

 less drop-outs/burn-out

 personal talent development

 improves employee happiness

 insight into personal preferences and       motives

For organisations

 improved (team) performance

 higher employee satisfaction

 real-time insight into management       information

 overview development potential for       employees

Put people really in charge of their work and development.

Maarten Hack, founder and CEO of HRorganizer

Overview of products


Smart assessments

Ensure matching the right person to the job. Compare smart, valid and reliable psychometric assessment data to competency driven job profiles with the least effort and the most results.

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Performance Improvement Suite

Give employees insight in their performance. Improve feedback between colleagues with the app and facilitate individual development with a personal platform. Get relevant management info by use of clever analytics.

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Development Toolbox

Develop personal, team or leadership skills. Create awareness and provide insight in talents, performance, motivations or ambitions by using our assessments, talent scans, surveys and 360 feedback.

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Become a sustainable employer.

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Customers about us

HRorganizer helps us in all our international recruitment processes to select candidates with the right competencies and with the personality that matches with our company culture. This makes us more successful in selection!
                           Annelies Walta - HR Manager @Trespa

Customers about us

Feedback is the driving force of collaboration. With HRorganizer we are able to effectuate this. Using the Performance Improvement Suite our teams evolve, becoming more coherent. They work better together and in a more consistent way.
                            Arnaud Snippe - Owner @Monsterscore

Customers about us

We use the Development Toolbox as an addition to our recruitment and development strategy. We are really satisfied with the Toolbox and the knowledge and experience from HRorganizer.
                            Julia van Egmond - HR manager @Airborne

Continuous feedback with the Workapp