Frequently Asked Questions 360-Degree Feedback

Participants are advised to invite enough respondents (in addition to the supervisor, for example, 4 or 5 people who report directly to participant + some colleagues); a total of 7 to 12 is usually enough to get sufficient responses

It doesn’t matter which people you invite, but we recommend inviting people who can actually talk about you. Respondents are better able to provide useful feedback if they know the participant well and see them at work regularly.

The responses of the respondents (except the supervisor) are anonymous to the participant.

It is not mandatory to use all categories, but at least 2 respondents must provide feedback categorized in 1 group before the responses appear in the report to ensure anonymity (excluding the supervisor).

If respondents are invited and do not answer, they receive an automated reminder. Did you invite the respondents yourself? Then you can also send the respondent a reminder yourself (behind the respondent is a ‘send reminder’ button).

If a respondent does not provide an answer, the process manager can check whether another respondent should be invited. If enough feedback has been provided, this is not necessary.

The participant can always print out the report, but if a group does not have enough response to ensure anonymity this feedback will not be included in the report. For this, the system also shows notifications to the user.

A process administrator can place a respondent who has provided feedback in a different category if desired; the participant cannot do this themselves.