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Select the best candidate with our pre-hire assessment software. Recruit new employees quickly, effectively, reliably and bias-free. Get started with our recruitment tool.

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Hire better candidates with our candidate selection software

As a recruiter, your daily job is to identify, select and attract the best qualified and available candidates for a temporary or permanent vacancy.

Of course you want to select personnel as quickly as possible, effectively and reliably. With the use of our assessment software, this is child's play.

Thanks to our pre-employment testing software you immediately get a bias-free overview.

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Pre employment assessments to find qualified candidates.

Pre-employment testing: hire the best

With the pre hire assessment software from HRorganizer you will receive optimal service and achieve the required results. The assessment test software automatically generates tests consisting of various selection tests and questionnaires. The test items measure the qualities of the candidate swiftly and accurately. Moreover, the assessment is suitable for any device and can be taken anywhere.

With our pre hire assessment system you measure:

Personality traits
Incentives of the candidate
Specific skills required for the job such as, for example, language proficiency, responsiveness, learning speed and more.

Results with our pre-employment assessment tests

The obtained results will be received effortlessly. After this, you can download the report. In addition to test scores and competencies, you can also use additional interview questions to find the most suitable candidate. These questions are automatically generated by the assessment system. This way you can conduct interviews efficiently, without bias and increase the quality of hire..

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