Employee Development

Get clear on what you want to develop exactly before investing. Is it a concrete competency or leadership skills? Or is it development potential you are curious about? With our Development Toolbox you have an abundance of possibilities within reach. Choose the right tool for the task!.

360-degree feedback

Understand individual strengths and opportunities by collecting relevant feedback from co-workers.

Why 360-degree feedback?

  • Provides insight in the current level of competence.
  • Can be used as ‘route planner’ for continuous improvement.
  • Helps to check self-perception and offers a reality check.
  • Encourages investment in matters that lead to performance improvement.

Employee development assessment

Reveal true potential by disclosing brainpower, personality, interests and motivations and how these data relate to relevant competences.

Why employee development assessments?

  • Creates awareness and provides new personal insights.
  • Helps by reflecting on personal ambitions.
  • Provides an objective image of the match between individual characteristics and work.
  • Provides strong evidence against unfair discrimination.