The power of pre-employment assessments

Pre-employment assessments have become indispensable in the modern application process.

✓ Fair to the organization and the applicant
✓ Make sure you hire the right candidate
✓ On average, 10% more productive employees
✓ Avoid (the costs of) hiring the wrong employees

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Why pre-employment assessments?

Unfortunately, a resume and cover letter do not say everything about an applicant. With assessments, you gain insight into:

– talents, points for development and pitfalls;
– personality;
– interests and motives.

Because every candidate takes the same assessment, you can objectively select the right applicant with the score. Using objective results in combination with the additional suggested interview questions from our reports, an optimal application procedure is created.

With assessments, you answer the following question better, fair, and faster: “how well does this applicant fit in this position?”

What are the benefits?

In an extensive meta-study, it has been established that in organizations there is a performance difference of about 10% in favor of the group assumed with assessments. So they perform 10% better.

At a modal salary, this increased work performance yields almost $ 4,000 per year, per employee.

What if I don't use assessments?

Maybe you have hired the wrong employee at some point. Even if you find out during the probationary period that the employee does not match the organization or position, it will cost you at minimum the wages for the time that the employee has worked.

With an average salary, this will easily cost you $ 3,000 per month in wage costs alone.

In the meantime, you have to start a new procedure, start training again, there is higher work pressure for the remaining employees, and so on.

Hiring the right applicant does not only make your life easier—it avoids everything you have to lose by hiring the wrong applicant.

Professional software within reach

Given the many advantages, it is not surprising that large companies are already using assessments extensively as a standard part of the application process.


These companies often use expensive licenses or subscriptions. With HRorganizer Go, we make professional assessments, including all expertise, available in small editions.

This way, you too can use the many advantages that pre-employment assessments offer.

Would you also like to select better, faster, and fairer?

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