What questionnaires and tests are used?

Our pre-employment assessments use different questionnaires and psychological tests, which are a reliable way to predict future work performance and success.

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Inductive logical reasoning

Inductive logical reasoning is about discovering connections and patterns. It measures how good someone is at analyzing information and can discover the ‘rules’ behind the information.


Numerical reasoning

Numerical reasoning is about drawing logical conclusions from numerical information—specifically, in the form of tables and graphs. It measures whether someone is able to quickly interpret numerical information under pressure and separate main and side issues.


Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning is about drawing logical conclusions from verbal information in the form of texts. It measures how good someone is at interpreting verbal information under pressure and separate main and side issues.

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Special tests

Specific tests can also be part of the assessment. In contrast to the three previous ability tests, they do not measure the general level of thinking. For example, they measure concentration, learning efficiency, multitasking, mechanical reasoning, reaction speed, (3d) spatial reasoning, information handling and memory.


We map out personality, interests and motivations by means of questionnaires. The questionnaire creates an image of the applicant, which a capacity test cannot do.

It illustrates how the participant will behave in work situations and what the participant finds important in their work.

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The questionnaire identifies which personality traits the applicant assigns to himself. For example: is the applicant good at working together and setting challenging goals?

Interests and motives

This questionnaire measures which aspects of the working environment are considered important. For example: does an applicant find it essential to be proud of their work or to have the opportunity to develop themselves?

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