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Our reports give scores on competencies and skills. The profile score shows in one single number the candidate’s score compared to all candidates for exactly this profile and level. The reports provide interview questions to support a conversation with the applicant. The human aspect remains essential. The predictive value increases through the combination of an assessment and an interview.

3 Reports for optimal matching

At HRorganizer Go we use 3 reports to display the test results of the applicants.

Interview report: a detailed individual report for the employer
Ranking report: a ranking of all candidates for the employer
Personal report: a report with insight for the applicant.

Interview report

First, the interview report gives a total score of the participant. Also, it provides insight into the candidate’s talents, points for development, and pitfalls.

For each competency, it is indicated exactly how the candidate scores as well as where there is still room for the candidate to develop.

The report contains suggestions for interview questions per competence that you can elaborate on during the interview.

Components of the interview report

Assessment information

The assessment information provides an overview of the various components of the assessment, including the corresponding scores.

Competence DNA

The competence DNA indicates which specific competencies have been scored well or less well.

Competences & interview questions

The competencies from the DNA are further elaborated here one by one.

Attached are the interview questions, which can provide additional insight into your image of the candidate.

Ranking report

The ranking report indicates a ranking, i.e., who has achieved the highest score. This way, you can see at a glance the most suitable candidate.

This report is only available when you are testing multiple candidates—after all, a ranking is not possible with only one candidate.

Components of the ranking report

Assessment information

The assessment information provides an overview of the various components of the assessment.


The ranking is the literal ranking of all candidates. You can see at a glance which candidate has scored the highest.

Personal report

You can send the personal report to the candidate who takes the assessment. The report provides insight into the results with questions in a simple way. The questions are:

– Who am I?
– What do I want?
– What am I capable of?

This increases understanding and improves the candidate experience, even when rejected.


The sections ‘who am I?’ and ‘what do I want?’ briefly indicate which personality traits characterize the candidate and which interests and motives drive them.


The results of the ability tests are briefly explained and compared with the scores from the reference group.

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