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Select the number of pre-employment assessments you want to use

1 assessment

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Test 1 candidate
1 Function

Personal Report
Interview report

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5 assessments

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16% discount

Test 5 candidates
 1 Function

 Personal reports
 Interview reports
 Ranking report

Amount shown does not include VAT.

10 assessments

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23% discount

 Test 10 candidates
 1 Function
 Personal reports
 Interview reports
 Ranking report

Amount shown does not include VAT.

You set one function for each of the above assessments.

1 assessment is for 1 applicant for 1 position.
5 assessments are for 5 applicants for 1 position.
10 assessments are for 10 applicants for 1 position.

Questions about our assessments

HRorganizer Go assessments can be ordered online in our online store.

Choose the number of assessments you want to order.Each of the three packages is suitable for one function.

You can pay quickly by credit card. We use Shopify to enable secure payment.

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Yes. After you have ordered an assessment, you will immediately receive a link in your e-mail inbox. Via this link, you can directly set and send your assessment.

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More questions and answers can be found in our FAQ.

HRorganizer licensing platform

Are you a wholesale consumer, or in need of more HR tools? Then check out the HRorganizer licensing platform. This is an expanded version of HRorganizer Go that includes selection assessments, 360-degree feedback, sustainable employability and ATS integration capabilities.

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One-time online purchase

Order directly and get started


Choosing functions from function library

Focused on selection assessments

Standard reports

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Licensing platform

Demo and 30-day free trial

Full and personal support

Ability to create own job profiles

Platform for selection, development and performance

Extensive reporting capabilities

Management reports

Integration with ATS possible

All your data and settings stored in one central place, so no need to save links

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