The Performance
Improvement Suite

Improving starts with defining the desired performance

Performance Improvement Suite

Everybody can be motivated to outperform. The Performance Improvement Suite is the facilitator. The guide for maximum well-being and performance. Provides realistic performance insight and relevant improvement issues. Creates valuable insight anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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The workapp Enables continuous feedback between co-workers

Get a clear picture of day-to-day performance. Send and receive constructive feedback in an instant. Ask a co-worker, client or supervisor to evaluate ‘jobs done’. Help yourself and others to ensure fair reviews and get a grip on performance improvement.

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The compass Facilitates individual performance monitoring and development

Insight in performance is the key to growth. Use our personal dashboard: a complete overview of strengths and weaknesses, delivered performance, competency development and learning goals. Designed and customs in cooperation with the organisation itself.

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The company dashboard Get relevant management information through analytics

Collects and presents all (anonymized) data from the workforce. Monitors the capabilities from employees. Substantiates smart and strategic decisions. Designed in cooperation with the organisation itself.

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