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Capgemini Recruitment and development

One of the largest IT service providers in the Netherlands employs a multi-stage approach when taking on new employees. Candidates go through a job-specific assessment via HRorganizer.com, while the development-oriented 360° feedback tool is used in training programmes, which are run by the company's own Academy.

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FrieslandCampina Guaranteeing continuity at senior staff level

To guarantee the continuity of staff at senior level, the Netherlands' most well-known dairy cooperative has opted for HRorganizer.com. The multilingualism of HRorganizer.com means that this approach can also be rolled out internationally in the future.

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Zorg aan Zet Performance cyclus and management information

The demand for good staff in the Care and Welfare sector continues to grow. Due to the growing number of applicants for education and the wide variety of candidates, it is increasingly difficult to employ the right people. In Limburg a number of institutions in the field of care formed the foundation Zorg aan Zet in order to organize the recruitment together and reduce early drop out. The assessment tool HRorganizer plays an important role.

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