Workapp We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

Ask and provide reviews and feedback with an app on your smartphone whenever and wherever you want. Know where you stand. What your strengths and weaknesses are. Get tips and tricks to improve yourself.

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For organisations

 more productivity

 self guided employees

 higher innovation power

 input for strategic personnel planning

For employees

 more fun at work

 fast tuning of behaviour

 realistic view on actual performance

 insight in possibilities for improvement


For teams

 input for work consultation

 incentives to knowledge sharing

 insight in common development needs

 transparency about realistic performance


Request feedback

Ask for feedback on a ‘job done’ to one or more colleagues within a minute.

View feedback

Immediately insights in your overall performance, zoom in on an issue and see the details and valuable comments.

Give feedback

Provide a review or feedback on a ‘job done’ which can be enriched in several steps. Trigger the right conversation on the desired moment.