Establishing goals is one thing - monitoring progress is quite another.

Our Navigator allows you to accurately monitor your organisation's progress towards business objectives. It is a feedback tool specifically developed for organisations to allow both an overview and a detailed understanding of what happens in the workplace. Data is an organisation's most valuable asset, and the starting point for successful optimisation.

Measure burn-out signs or employee satisfaction. The Navigator gives you the opportunity to monitor these types of subjects and act if the results give you reason to do so. Through insight into performance and management information, the Navigator is the tool for performance management.


How does it work?

Set up

Use the navigator to set up your own questionnaire in organization-specific language using more than 150 sample questions and set the degree of anonymity. This way you measure exactly what you want to measure.


Employees complete the questionnaire. The results are visible at a glance, it gives a quick summary and then the detail per question, it updates in real time and it is easy to filter e.g. by team or department.


Assess the results and get to work on the points for improvement. Then use the questionnaire again and get immediate insight into the progress.


The results give more insight into organizational goals and result in better performance. This is realized by creating more support and increased involvement.

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