Navigator Establishing goals is one thing - monitoring progress is quite another.

With our Navigator, you can monitor your organisation's progress towards business objectives with detailed precision. The Navigator is a feedback tool specifically developed for organisations to allow insight and an overview of what happens in the workplace. Data is an organisation's most valuable asset, and the starting point for successful optimisation.

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Navigator questionnaires

Use our template questionnaires to collect employee feedback on a number of employee issues such as job satisfaction, the involvement of management, the effectiveness of Agile working, and work-related stress. There are always relevant topics worth monitoring to measure progress!

Customised surveys

Good performance always comes from one source: people who feel connected and inspired towards a common, effective goal. Do you have organisation-specific goals? Set up the questions yourself and disable. This will allow you to measure exactly what you want, where you stand, and where you want to go. 


The dashboard shows results at a glance, and can be set up as preferred. If you want to follow a topic "live", create a tile to start following the topic's status and development immediately. Would you like to benchmark results with previous surveys? That's an option too. You can also share results with all respondents via email.