Development Assessments

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What is a development assessment?

In general a development assessment provides insight into the talents and development potential of an employee. The HRorganizer platform offers several types of assessments for development. For example career counseling assessments that give insight into preference of management style and what kind of organisation someone fits best. We can also offer job matching reports to highlight someone's strengths, opportunities and best suitable positions. 

Career counseling report

How does it work?


Use our software to generate an assessment based on the current job profile, a desired job profile or for career counseling.


For orientation on a specific  profile, download the personal talent development report or for a broader orientation, download the career counseling report.


Assist in setting up a development plan for the desired position or in researching possibilities for future work.


This results in the development of the employee for the desired position. This way your employee is always in the right place.

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