360° Feedback

This simple and effective tool makes it possible to gather feedback on how others assess the quality of someone’s work and what suggestions pop up for further improvement.

  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of the functioning of your employees
  • Collect feedback from managers, colleagues and customers
  • Recognise development areas with tips for further development

What is 360-degree feedback?

360° feedback is a way to collect feedback and it provides insight into the effectiveness of your employees' performance. 360° feedback collects targeted feedback based on the competencies of the job profile. After self-evaluation for example, managers, colleagues and customers give their input. This provides tools for personal development and performance improvement.

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How does it work?

Fill in

Complete a questionnaire based on the competencies from the job profile, i.e. a self-reflection of the work.


Invite respondents such as managers, colleagues, customers and others to give feedback.


Download the report. The report compares the feedback from the different groups as well as the personal reflection.


This results in more insight for the employee into strengths and development points. It gives a good start for performance improvement.

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