Are you missing out on top talent?

Once again, it’s all over the news. Shortage of this, not enough of that. Whereas in the past it was just the IT and technical sectors that were anxious to find qualified staff, now the whole of the Netherlands is on the lookout for new personnel. And not just any old staff; highly talented people is what companies want. In other words, quality of hire. But that is easier said than done. We are currently going through an economic upturn and the biggest challenge is to bring in top talent. So how big a role does this play in your organisation? Where does your organisation stand in relation to this? Can you attract better talent than your competitors, or do you have to recruit second best? In this two-part blog, I will give you practical tips and an overview, and I will help you with your recruitment and selection of top talent. Today, part one: Can my organisation recruit top talent?

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GDPR, the key to your personal data safe?

A colleague recently asked whether we get into trouble as a supplier of the HRorganizer system due to the GDPR. Whether our system is allowed to process and store assessment data. That some authorities can even see certain assessment data as medical data, with all the legal complications as a consequence. In this blog I will explain what the GDPR includes, which measures HRorganizer has taken to comply with it and our plans for a personal, digital safe.

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Onboarding process. Easy as pie or not?

Imagine your first day at your new job...  You arrive at the office and everyone welcomes you with open arms. When the tour and introduction is over everybody gets back behind their desk. When you ask where you will be seated there is a bit of chaos. Nobody knows at which desk you are supposed to be seated and the manager who hired you is on vacation. Eventually someone finds your spot and you are guided to your own desk. However, it takes another day before you have your own laptop and phone. You wonder what to do in the meantime. Everyone is very busy and your manager has another week vacation. Time passes and after a few days you are beginning to feel quite uncomfortable. After a week, you still have no clue what is expected of you or what you could do.

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