Onboarding process. Easy as pie or not?


Imagine your first day at your new job...  You arrive at the office and everyone welcomes you with open arms. When the tour and introduction is over everybody gets back behind their desk. When you ask where you will be seated there is a bit of chaos. Nobody knows at which desk you are supposed to be seated and the manager who hired you is on vacation. Eventually someone finds your spot and you are guided to your own desk. However, it takes another day before you have your own laptop and phone. You wonder what to do in the meantime. Everyone is very busy and your manager has another week vacation. Time passes and after a few days you are beginning to feel quite uncomfortable. After a week, you still have no clue what is expected of you or what you could do.

Figure of speaking 
Perhaps the above scenario is exaggerated but first impressions are the most important ones, also as a company. This means that it’s necessary to give a new employee more than a proper introduction of the company. Especially since another War For Talent has developed recently. Think about investing in an onboarding program. It can have a huge impact on the performance, fit and productivity of new employees

Easy as pie
The faster new employees settle and perform their work optimally, the faster they can contribute to the success of the team or organization.

The interest in onboarding has grown significantly the past few years according to Google Trends and that’s no surprise because the benefits are worth it.

Onboarding_Google Trends.png

Benefits of an onboarding program:

  • fast integration
  • higher efficiency
  • more productive
  • higher involvement and self-control
  • higher job satisfaction
  • better performance
  • less stress

Last but not least
Take a look at the way you set up your recruitment as well. There are many different phases in a successful onboarding process but it can still be a failure if you’re recruitment process isn’t sophisticated enough. Assess your candidates and find the perfect fit.

Don’t forget to look at the whole picture and don’t start with onboarding on the first workday of a new employee because then you are already too late.


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