Are you missing out on top talent?

Once again, it’s all over the news. Shortage of this, not enough of that. Whereas in the past it was just the IT and technical sectors that were anxious to find qualified staff, now the whole of the Netherlands is on the lookout for new personnel. And not just any old staff; highly talented people is what companies want. In other words, quality of hire. But that is easier said than done. We are currently going through an economic upturn and the biggest challenge is to bring in top talent. So how big a role does this play in your organisation? Where does your organisation stand in relation to this? Can you attract better talent than your competitors, or do you have to recruit second best? In this two-part blog, I will give you practical tips and an overview, and I will help you with your recruitment and selection of top talent. Today, part one: Can my organisation recruit top talent?

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