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Select the best candidate with our pre-employment assessment software. Recruit new employees quickly, effectively, reliably and bias-free. Get started with our assessment software.

✓ Reliable assessments
✓ Available in over 40 languages
✓ Better quality of hires
✓ Reducing time-to-hire

Bring the best out of your employees. Give insight into current performance and potential. Help your employees reach new goals with our tools.

To develop your employees and organization we have the following tools:

360 degree feedback →

Development assessment

The Navigator is a flexible survey tool for open, multiple choice & linear questions. For example, you can use the Navigator for:
  • Exit interview: why do people leave the organization?
  • Feedback on candidate experience What could be better?

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Valid & reliable

Through our partnership with AON, we only use the best assessments.

Free trial period

Try our platform for free. No strings attached.

Custom reports

Charts, tables and visuals, everything can be customized to your needs.

Profile score

The profile score shows in one single number the candidate’s score compared to the norm group.

What customers say about HRorganizer

Over 80 organizations already use HRorganizer. In 2019 more than 8.000 assessments were set out in a multitude of languages. Wonder what HRorganizer can do for you?

Wij vinden candidate experience belangrijk, maar goede voorspellers van jobperformance ook! Met HRorganizer hebben we beide. We integreerden deze oplossing met ons ATS voor een optimale procesinrichting. (8)

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