• Recruitment with the best tools

    Improve the quality of your recruitment and selection processes by implementing our intelligent and powerful (assessment) tools.

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  • Development with results

    Discover and expand the talent of teams and individuals. Let your employees flourish, paying off in bottom-line results.

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  • Performance management cycle

    Provide your employees with an optimal performance management cycle, focused on their person.

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Innovative HR software Assessment, development and performance management in one solution

Assessments with HRorganizer


Using the assessment tools offered by HRorganizer.com you can speed up your selection process.

Development with HRorganizer


HRorganizer.com helps your employees to focus their development and puts you in a monitoring role.

Performance management with HRorganizer

Performance Management

HRorganizer.com offers a variety of tools that provide optimum support for your HR-cycle.

Put people really in charge of their work and development.
- Maarten Hack, founder and CEO of HRorganizer

Success with HRorganizer

HRorganizer.com has been developed from the vision that integral support is essential upon competence focused working and learning. This means that HR-professionals, line managers and employees work together in one system, whereby 'measuring' leads to 'knowing and deciding better.'

We believe that selecting well justifies the input of the best tools, without these involving excessively high costs. We moreover believe that good development is realistic and focused and that good evaluation is holistic and transparent.

Your best partner Enables HR service providers to improve their services


Innovative HR

The most innovative HR agency consists of people with the drive and passion to be a advisor, and not just a task executor.

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We want to challenge and invite agencies to look at issues and force themselves to ask the question: “Can we become better, more modern, more efficient?”

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We view things from the technical side, and have a broader range of solutions than most organisations expect.

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Our clients

Over 100 organisations and service providers use HRorganizer for various applications.

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